"It was an honour to fight in the defence of this, my native country."
Gordon Drummond

Sir Gordon of Quebec, Viceroy of the British Empire of North America - The Conqueror of Allegheny and Michigan

General Sir Gordon Drummond GCB (27 September 1772 - 10 October 1854) was a Canadian colonial administrator, martial administrator, military officer and soldier. He was a veteran of the Sixth European Coalition War and First Anglo-U.S. War. During his career, he served as the sixteenth Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada and tenth Viceroy of the British Empire of North America.

Drummond's administration governed Canada between 1813-1815, during which time martial law was imposed throughout the country, an attempted invasion by the United States of America was repulsed and approximately one fifth of U.S. territory was occupied by the Militia of Canada. During his tenure, he supervised the civilian administration of British North America and the martial administration of the U.S. territories in the North American Great Lakes basin and the Allegheny mountain range. He deported U.S. citizens from occupied territories, executed dozens of collaborators and led the Militia of Canada against the U.S. Army.

His armies repulsed an attempted invasion of the Ontario Peninsula by the U.S. Army and ejected their forces from the Niagara Peninsula. In subsequence, his forces occupied the territories of the United States of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York. Between 1814-1815, he maintained an occupational administration in the conquered territories during which time U.S. military fortifications were demolished, U.S. citizens were deported and settlements were razed.

Personally, Sir Gordon fought alongside imperial forces during the expulsion of the Grand Army of France from the Ottoman Eyalet of Egypt; it was a successful campaign of a minor theatre of the war between the European Coalition and the French Empire. As Viceroy of British North America, he led the Militia of Canada during an attempted invasion by the U.S. Army and, subsequently, during the conquest of the States of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York and the occupation of the Territory of Michigan. Later, Drummond enshrined the Anglo-U.S. Treaty of 1814, resulting in a cessation of hostilities and gradual restoration of the sovereignty of the United States in the occupied territories.

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