The Lord Dorchester

His Excellency, Major-General Lord Carleton of Dorchester, Viceroy of the British Empire of North America

Major-General Guy Carleton, Baron of Dorchester KB (3 September 1724 - 10 November 1808) was a Canadian colonial administrator, military officer and soldier. He was a veteran of the fifth European Coalition War, the fifth Anglo-French War and the third British Civil War. During his career, Lord Dorchester served as the third Governor of the Province of Quebec, the ninth Commander-In-Chief of the British Army of North America and the first Governor-General of British North America.

Lord Dorchester's administration governed Canada between 1768-1778 & 1786-1789, during which time the American Revolution began, martial law was maintained throughout the country and distinct legal codes for British & French Canada were enshrined. In the duration of his tenure, he upheld the principles of the postbellum settlement of the British & French nations in North America, defended the nation against usurpation by the American rebels, and oversaw the manumission and relocation of the thousands of African slaves who had served the Crown & Nation in exchange for their freedom during the civil war.

His armies defended the cities of Quebec and Trois Rivieres during the attempt of the American rebels to seize them, dispelled the invading rebel army from the St. Lawrence and Richelieu River valleys, escorted 350,000 loyalists from the rebel-controlled colonies in North America to Canada & the United Kingdom and oversaw their resettlement in Ontario & Nova Scotia.

Personally, Carleton introduced the Quebec Act of 1774 and the Clergy Endowments Act of 1791 to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom: acts which entrenched French civil law among private citizens in administrative precedent and preserved the rights of the Catholic Church to feudal tithes in Quebec, respectively. He led the artillery & fusilier forces of the British Army of North America victoriously during the conquest of Quebec City, the last militarised outpost of the French Colonial Empire. Later, as Commander-In-Chief of the British Army of North America, Carleton commanded the defence of Canada & Quebec against the rebels from the colonies of America and evacuated those who had remained loyal to their race from the rebel-controlled territories to Canada.

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